How to run a meeting


Confirm Speakers + Topics

Make sure that you email your speakers well in advance – confirming if they are the best person to speak about the topic and confirm their availability.


Book Rooms, Order Food and Send Invites

Book room 10 mins before the event and 30 mins after, in case it gets extended. This way you have a room and you are not hustling at the last minute.

Order food, and make sure it is there well before the event (include a buffer time in case they get late)

If you are sending an invite to an alias many weeks back, make sure a day before you also add the people who weren’t there when you send out the invite the first time. For example, new employees could possibly be added in the interim. Use TBD details if necessary. If using TBD: make a note to update the invite(s) when you have details If sending to a large email alias, Google won’t add new members automatically. Set a reminder to update the invite 24 hours before the meeting to capture new alias members


Clearly Communicate Expectations

Ask the speaker to send in their presentation/content atleast 2 hours. And let them know if they don’t then you will not incorporate it into the slide deck.

Define Requirements


If you need a moderator or is it a Hybrid meeting



  • As a moderator, plan out the agenda so you know when you should squeeze in Q&A from the audience.
  • Keep Slack open on your mobile in case you have asked the audience to post their questions there.
  • Connect via cable instead of wifi in case of an outage.
  • Dial through landline so that it gives you more control.
  • Adjust meeting in Advance. Make sure that entry-in and entry-out sound is muted. You can automatically mute the user when they join the call. In application, you have meeting settings for the same. You can also print out the instructions/shortcuts for a webex/ app. As an organizer it is helpful. Have the meeting setup before you start. You need to confirm that several people can join as multiple hosts.
  • As a moderator make a list. Add timestamp for the calls. Few things to think about: Record Call, Introduce Speaker, It’s time for Q&A now


Emergency Kit

Have a kit for a meeting. Few things you can have are Cable, Battery, Chargers. So that you don’t have to run around while the meeting is happening.


Print Slides (mark speaker transition slide)

Print Slides beforehand, so that you know which slide they are on and also message them in case they are going slow. If someone is running late then you can someone else to which slide they should jump on.


Technical Check

In case there is a video, make sure you buffer it beforehand in case they have slow internet. Cue up content. You can dial in also using mobile incase the web/laptop shuts down and take control of the situation.


Fight Call

Presenters should come 15 mins before to test audios, practice advancing their slides, to get a rundown of the agenda, to receive any instructions from you if any. Maybe even have a code word for a red flag.


So no to rule breakers

It doesn’t matter if the speakers are senior or not, learn to say a NO if there is a need. You can let them know this is not how we decided the meeting was going to go so we can’t change things at the last moment. You are the voice of people attending the meeting, so discuss the meeting clause beforehand.


Turn all the notification off on your laptop

This is very very important so there is no distraction. It is important to do so because you may have a message which NSFW or something which you don’t want everyone to know.


Start on time every time


Address issues, don’t ignore them

If there is a dog barking or an echo, just ask speakers to take control of that and tell the audience that you are going to pause until the issue is resolved. You can say: “Hey guys, it seems there is an echo, we would request you to please mute yourself if you are not speaking.”

If you are Live Streaming

Research the platform beforehand. Include IT person in the call if possible. Things to think about: How many people you can include? How you can record it?


If someone is derailing you with questions

Say: “I am going to put that question in the parking lot. If we have time once we finish our agenda then we will take it up again, otherwise we have noted it down and we will reach out to you once the session is over”


New York – Things to See and Eat

Things to See

New York Botanical Garden – Breathtaking works of art that dazzle with color, light, and form—by day and night

Flushing Meadows Corona Park – explore your day here and spend the evening at the Meadow Lake

Hoboken Pier C Park – Enjoy the beautiful New York Skyline from this park and walk alongside the waterfront

Roosevelt Island  – One of the most peaceful places I have been to. Visit 4freedomspark, smallpox hospital ruins, and walk along the waterfront.

The Oculus at the World Trade Center – Oculus was built to maximize the effect of the autumnal equinox rays (coinciding with the skylight opening on or around September 11 every year). The design of this building resembles a bird being released from a child’s hand.

Hiking at Anthony’s Nose

Pierson Park in Tarrytown

New York Public Library

The Downtown Boathouse – In summer do free kayaking at Pier 26

Harsimus Cove – Visit Babo Teahouse nearby and sip Boba while enjoying the beautiful view

Metropolitan Museum of Art – you would days to cover this museum, so try to not to hurry

Brighton Beach

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Washington Square Park

Things to Eat

Amorino Gelato Ice Cream

Indikitch – great Indian food. Must had: Paneer Tikka Masala, Saffron rice, Dal Makhani, Carrot Cabbage Cashew Salad, Garlic Naan, Mango Lassi, Samosa.

Crepe Guru – try the Nutella crepe with strawberry and whipped cream

Chai Thai Kitchen – Try Peanut Steamed Dumpling

Taiyaki Ice Cream – Enjoy Custard filled fish waffle cone ice cream #yumyumyum

Mochidoki – Passfruit + Chocolate + Crushed Oreo

Eataly – Nunu dessert at Nutella Bar

PizzArte – TOTÒ Pizza, Tiramisu

Lezzetli Mediterranean Ice Cream – Chocolate Orange Blossom with rose petals

&pizza – Create your own foot long pizza with your favorite toppings and sauce

Five Senses – Ogam Fresh Ramen Bokum. One of the best noodles I have had

Sweet Churros with COFFEED – Located in Korea town. It has one of the best churros in NYC.

Magnolia Bakery – Banana Pudding

The Counter – Create your own burgers with favorite

Juniors Cheesecake – After trying out cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory, Lindys .. I felt my heart for cheesecake belonged to this place.


Places to See

La Sagrada Família (buy tickets online so you can skip line)

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and hike till the top and reach Montjuïc Hill, see the olympic stadium also

Park Güell -> so there are few free places to see and one part is paid .. we didn’t get time to see the paid part

Plaça d’Espanya

Arc de Triomf

Camp Nou (Football Stadium)

Mammoth at the Cuitadella Park

Font Màgica

While walking just see from outside: Casa Batlló

Places to Eat

For breakfast go to Granja Gulcinea -> barcelona’s best churros

for lunch/dinner go to: Teresa Carles .. yummy food

Brunch & Cake and try chicken super sandwich for the non-veg folks and for veg the waiter will give some recommendations.

Our best find in Barcelona was -> El Pachuco amazing mexican food. If you enjoy a beer then their special chilli beer is recommended. My friends loved it.


Front End Essentials – October 11, 2016

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