My Little Universe

“My little universe.. is not that complex and not even simple .. but just a bit complicated for me to figure out the sole reason of my existence .. they are so many things I want to do, but this damn time is too short for my wishes to come true, for my fears to be expressed, for my feelings to be shown, for my actions to be implemented, for my mistakes to be corrected, for my past to dwell upon me .. its kind of weird .. why time doesn’t heals .. and changes itself according to us .. I think it should mend itself depending upon the individuals.. after all everyone is different and unique and they need their own introspective time ”

“Nobody’s perfect .. we all can be messy at times .. but it’s just that we got to work on the solutions on our own.”

“Why do we think about all the things .. coz inspite of trying however hard we want .. all things are lost one day .. so we shouldn’t care and be too possessive of our things .. just live the present moment and forget the worries .. coz time will fly away .. and so will that agony, pain, troubles and the world.”

“Hey the time will be bright again .. don’t worry, I will always be your side .. I have so much to say .. but this distance between is killing and acting like the infinite time space .. but there is one thing I can promise .. we will never become a history .. we will exist forever and ever.”

“My breath stops, my heart pounds at an unbeaten heart rate, adrenaline splashes up in high spirit when I see him .. oh god .. that is a moment when the world around me stops .. my dreams appear to come true .. and the only thing that goes around my mind is .. what should I do next, should I talk, should I shout in ecstasy or should I just laugh out for the joy of seeing your someone special .. but coming back to reality .. you don’t do such things (until unless u have become a complete psycho and you do have a other reasonable reason for your dense behavior) in reality.. u gotta behave like the typical girly type silent, smiling, talking only at times, and not showing off a much off expressions coz that is it what the society expects you to be. ”

“The cages holding your ignited fire of your talent have now just bared it all .. they cant take it anymore .. they want you to be free now .. grow up .. be confident .. show your real self .. there is no need to be shy or timid anymore .. the time has come for you to blossom up .. gain up your life and skills and do yourself proud .. “


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