Starting with Sencha Touch 2.0

Sencha Touch is an excellent framework for creating mobile applications. If you are a developer taking the first steps with the framework, or a seasoned programmer looking out for the first steps to increase your productivity domain, then you would likely find this post useful.

This post provides you with useful links which will serve as your initial steps to making a fabulous mobile application. It took me about a day to get familiarized with this platform and remember, the Kitchensink codes; present in the examples folder of Sencha SDK will serve as your Holy guide throughout.

Links to the applications I have made:

  1. To learn about connecting with local database:
  2. Medical Reminder Application (It is build according the resolution of Ipad 2, for best results; view it in

What you need to know?

To start using Sencha Touch, all you need is working knowledge of the JavaScript language and CSS. As mentioned, the framework abstracts many of the features and styles you’d normally be assembling from scratch.

If you want to explore further, and perhaps build your own custom components or modify styles for your own brand, you need more in-depth skills in HTML5 and CSS3.

To understand more about Sencha Framework ( this includes the links to increase the GK part of your brain):

Packaging Sencha Touch Application:

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