Be the one within you

Around, nearby, within – you always have your eyes searching by for something, not a faint piece of bookish lines to inspire you infinitely, not a materialistic jackpot to make you the Richie Rich, not the soothing back biting talks that literally gets out the inside devil inside you, but only for the petite hint about the presence of your true self. They seek in and out, to become the part of a soul you always wanted to be. Becoming the being who carves the path of his own dreams.

There is no such thing as ‘It’s too late’, you can always do things you like, say what you feel, bring out the sensitivity, emotions deeply embedded inside you and confess what all you want to say, without the thought about anything ,it is always worth taking a chance, who knows what you want may just come out more beautifully then you ever imagined it to be.

Stop having that x-ray vision of yours. Stop thinking you know everything about how people are, because nothing is crystal clear, not even the holy water (it is H2O, you know), so how can you expect people to be one. Learn to walk with them and just not race them.

Silence in your words is just not the pure solution to everything, to you it may be something which is absolutely right but if you see the other way around, it might just take you to the road you never imagined, to even take a look at. Sometimes the honesty that is there in revealing your true side can never be trodden by the truth you think can probably let you strike down. You shouldn’t let your arrogance or ego subject you to servility even in the most extreme conditions. Nobody’s perfect, we all can be messy at times, but it’s just that we got to work on the solutions on our own. You have always had your right to shed a tear; you always shouldn’t pretend to be the stronger one.

We all just want to climb up the ladders of success, love, studies, care, entertainment, sex, just about everything we ever imagine, so quickly and concurrently, that we overdo ourselves again and again, and in the end just find ourselves, standing alone on the peak with just no one to rejoice with.

Life plays such a big gamble with us, every sunrise gives you a gift, to get up and start new, afresh, but at night you have a choice to make – either sleep tight with the contentment of what all you have and just learn to live with it or get stacked again in the monkey trap and be the puppet of worries, stress and disappointment.

You don’t always have to surrender yourself for the sake of servility and respect to your duties, sometimes when you take a huge yawn, you can actually coerce yourself to take a little time out to rest.

The cages holding your ignited fire of your talent have now just bared it all, they can’t take it anymore, they want you to be free now, grow up, be confident, show your real self, there is no need to be shy or timid anymore, the time has come for you to blossom up, gain up your life and skills and do yourself proud.

So go out, live your dreams, have a gala time with your friends and family, exchange those naughty eye glances, tune in to your favorite music, dance madly, sip in your favorite drink, gulp in your luscious dish, express your love not just in words but through actions and enjoy the true splendour of life.


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