I’m presently an undergrad student at DA-IICT (I’m loving it, here) from Goa, India. I am interested in the domain of Game Designing and AI (esp. Robotics). I like to paint and collect newspaper articles. I also like to make cool and creative stuff, regardless of what medium I’m working in.


  • Aside from coding, my other job is reading about mythological stuff (believe me, I know a hell lot stories about God)
  • The amount of random movie knowledge I have would scare you. (On an average 1 month vacation, I literally list down 100 movies and watch it with full dedication)
  • I love listening to songs and dance around like maniac in a closed room.
  • I have been told that I have an extra tooth to hog awesome food (though i regret my small petite, but I am a huge fan of food).
  • I am proud to be a vegetarian and inspite of staying in Goa, I have somehow managed to stay a teetotaler till date.

I BELIEVE IN: “Simple Living and High thinking philosophy”.

I am here to share my life experiences and mad skills with you. So go ahead and enjoy life.


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